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Email Marketing

Since our establishment in 2018, Lieutenant Marketing has offered email marketing services to small businesses.   Email marketing is a solution you should really think about if you’re searching for a low-cost and effective strategy to increase sales, entice new clients, and solidify client connections. Email Marketing Options available for Small Businesses The flexibility of email […]

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Graphic Design

Most of the projects we produce have a distinctive scope, so there are costs associated with bespoke graphic design.   Costs for graphic design at Lieutenant Marketing Your graphic design cost will depend on a number of factors, including: Writing, designing, and developing the deliverable during the creative time (s) We typically allow for two

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PPC Campaigns

The cost of PPC management varies according to the size and complexity of the campaign. To achieve your campaign’s click-through and conversion goals, more time, effort, and strategic planning are needed the more keywords you choose and how fierce the competition is. Yet, our skilled PPC team uses all of its knowledge and expertise to

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Website Design

When a business starts looking into developing a new website, the first thing it wants to know is how much web design would cost. Yet, after developing websites for more than 20 years, we are aware that making a choice on a price list for web design is risky and should be avoided. How can this be? The issue is that comparing website design costs is useless without first determining your website’s requirements. The scope of the project determines the cost of the website design, and no two project scopes are the same. Each firm must first comprehend all of these 20 scope-related difficulties before it can provide you an accurate quote for website design. The new site’s page count and sitemap’s complexity Quantity and difficulty of fresh text information  Quantity and difficulty of fresh text information  Amount of information needs to be moved from the old site Number

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SEO Services

Most businesses in Los Angeles want to know how much SEO will cost them upfront. But, package packages for SEO services should be avoided because they hardly ever work. Why? Read on. Because every company has a distinct starting position and needs ongoing effort to raise its organic ranks, the price of SEO services varies

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