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When business starts looking into developing new website, the first thing it wants to know is how much web design would cost.

Yet, after developing websites for more than 20 years, we are aware that making choice on price list for web design is risky and should be avoided. How can this be? 
The issue is that comparing website design costs is useless without first determining your website’s requirements. 
The scope of the project determines the cost of the website design, and no two project scopes are the same. 
Each firm must first comprehend all of these 20 scope-related difficulties before it can provide you an accurate quote for website design.
  • The new site’s page count and sitemap’s complexity
  • Quantity and difficulty of fresh text information 
  • Quantity and difficulty of fresh text information 
  • Amount of information needs to be moved from the old site
  • Number of current pages
  • Price increases for blog postings and converting PDF or other non-HTML formats
  • Quantity and price of image and photo creation
  • Quantity and price of video and audio content production
  • Amount of original design layouts (e.g., home page, contact us, about us pages)
  • Site navigation difficulty
  • Goals for your brand
  • Creative branding is required, such as with new logos.
  • Trademark criteria that are formally recorded or notA
  • Aims of lead generation
  • Goals for online sales
  • Additional strategic goals
  • SEO guidelines
  • Hosting guidelines
  • Need for site functionality, particularly:
  • Section on interactive careers
  • Password-protected file storage spaces
  • Locate places on an interactive map.
  • Custom calculators
  • Integration by third parties with proprietary platforms, marketing automation tools, and CRMs, etc.
  • Project schedule (short timelines usually drive up the cost for web design)
  • How much research and collaboration will be required to resolve the earlier problems and complete the project
web designer los angeles pricing lieutenant marketing

Price for Pre-Designed Websites May Lead to Underpayment or Overpayment

The list of problems above shows that dealing with a web design pricing is equivalent to tossing a dart. When potential clients contact us for a new site proposal, we frequently discover that they fall into one of two categories:

  • Some businesses paid $15,000 for a website when they needed to have spent $25,000 for a quality site.
  • Some businesses paid $15K for a website that only required a $3K investment.

Both scenarios are horrible. Overpaying for a website is obviously undesirable, but underpaying may be just as expensive, if not more so. ROI is crucial for lead creation. For instance, if a $15k website only delivers $500 in yearly ROI but a $25k site would have created $50k within its first year, it is clear that the extra money was wisely spent.

With everything discussed above, it should be evident why Lieutenant Marketing doesn’t provide website design pricing: we are all about providing affordable website design for all budgets.

Being a well-known web design agency, we are aware that the only way for us to provide you an accurate price is to first do some research and get some information about your project. This will enable us to map out an effective course that aligns with your objectives and financial constraints.
One of two routes is frequently taken by our site design team:
1. At the corporate level, they provide individualized website options with a higher level of usability and general complexity.
2. For small businesses that prefer a simpler site, they often provide “express” building options that are less difficult to finish but are still fully configurable.
If you are just starting the process of exploring a new web design, the 20 questions listed above on this page are a great place to start. This will make it simpler for you to communicate your needs to web design firms such as ours and could obtain you a more precise and fair quotation for web design.

Of course, you are always welcome to contact us for help with site design!

Please get in touch with us right away or give us a call at 424-488-6461 to learn more about our website design cost or to receive a complete quote.

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