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Difference between consumers and marketers

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Date: 07/18/2022

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               elieve it or not, marketers and consumers have more in common than you’d think. One common trait is that they both like to keep up with what’s on the market. Products,  services, and promotions are among their interests. But one notable difference between them is how they view things. For example, a consumer picks up a fashion magazine and flips through its pages, looking at high-quality photographs, he or she notices the latest trends and products.

However, a marketer isn’t so much interested in the pretty pictures. He or she is interested more in the article written about a product. The “blog” if you will. A true marketer seeks the origin of the product, not where it’s made per se, but the origin of the idea behind it, and the process it requires to create it. When a marketer reads the blog/article, it’d be easier for him or her to find out the associated keywords, colors, and graphics with the product – or in some cases the service. Therefore, a marketer or a passionate individual about marketing, would study such profile, inspired by what is already available, and offer something that is not, something outside the box. This will lead the marketer push businesses/brands to solve more of consumers’ problems. 

The difference between consumers and marketers is that marketers understand the marketing strategy, brand awareness, and value offering. A marketer’s job is to target the consumer, create a marketing plan, and then execute that plan. A consumer is someone who will eventually buy and use the product or service.

Marketers use research to determine what products people want to buy, while consumers buy products that meet their needs.

Marketing has evolved from being a one-size-fits-all activity to a customized and personalized experience. Brands are now able to build campaigns that are more targeted to their audience.

Marketing for businesses/brands has also evolved, businesses have been able to focus on what they do best – building products and services that solve customer problems – while marketing operations are outsourced to agencies who specialize in targeting the right consumer; in other words, they have people with “marketer” mindsets.

At Lieutenant Marketing Co., we strive to think, behave and live like marketers; we’d like to offer our clients – the businesses that is – something others can’t nor envision within their scope of work. In order to market your products or services correctly, we research, audit, and study them to find out your niche, target consumers, and your opportunity to stand out by showing how you solve their problems. Many individuals misunderstand this; they believe you take pictures and post them online and you are marketing a business. On the contrary, you know as well as us that your competition does that already, if not better than you. The marketer(s) can look at your business from consumers’ and their own perspectives simultaneously, and give you the feedback you need rather than the things you’d like to hear; filling the gap between your business and potential customers. 

Updated 08-18-2022

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