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By: Lieutenant Marketing Date: 07/14/2022

lieutenant marketing fidget spinner toy

Fidget spinner – “Spinning Toy”

 Imagine it’s early April in 2017 and a cultural phenomenon called “Fidget Spinner” is taking over the country, if not the world. You’d like to launch your own line of Fidget Spinners and sell them on your site. But there is one issue, what keyword or keyword phrase would you optimize your site for? Well, “Fidget Spinner” is a clear choice, but you should keep in mind that your competitors will do the same exact thing. Hence, you’re splitting your chance to be found in organic searches with those selling the same or similar toy.

But what if you were after an untapped market? I call them The Simples; those who search what they see. You could invite them to your site by the end of April 2017, if your site is optimized for the keyword phrase “spinning toy.” Suddenly you see a wave of visitors viewing your Fidget Spinners in your online shop and put an order in if they like your designs/decorations. You could simply optimize your website for something that sounds very close to the description of what you sell.

That’s still optimization. Of course, it has to be short enough for people to use it. Not a lot of users used: a “spinning toy with at least three holes that would spin around your index finger and thumb, holding the center of it.” At least I don’t think that’s how people describe Fidget Spinners on the web. Keep in mind, that your site must have been optimized for the keyword and keyword phrase beforehand since, by the end of the summer of 2017, the popularity of the said toy declined dramatically.

Therefore you could’ve been late to the game if you started at peak popularity in June since it takes the search engines a little while to recognize your site and business. Something to remember next time you have business opportunities in sight.

lieutenant marketing steering wheel lock scaled

“Best Steering Lock” vs “Strongest Steering Lock”

So you think you know a thing or two about keywords in SEO. Now, it makes sense to optimize your site for the keyword phrase “Best Steering Lock,” given you are in the steering wheel lock business. You’d like to drive in as much traffic as possible for those in the market for a steering wheel lock and looking for the best model. Here is the kicker: those you compete with, all use the same keyword phrase; decreasing your chance to actually show up first on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). So, you must look for less competitive phrases.

 Therefore, in this instance, it is suggested to use the “Strongest Steering Lock.” Problem: how can you back that claim up? After All, “Best” is very broad and can mean a lot of things, but “Strong” means strong. Yes, and this is where things get interesting, All you need is a footage that shows how much force, G’s, or what have you, it takes to break your product vs. the “Best Steering Lock.”

Suddenly, the “Best” is not the best, and “Strong” is the best! And if you know a thing or two about SEO, you would know that the video you uploaded on YouTube and linked to your website, will get crawled by Google bots – You just created a link, subconsciously – and when you mention “Best Steering Lock and the Strongest,” you have more to offer and chances are you will stand out against your competitors. This was just an example of how you can think outside the box and stand out when everyone is practicing SEO; notably your competitors!

Last update: 07/14/2022.

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